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Club Stiletto FemDom – Oh Cucky I Know You Heard Him Fuck Me Up The Ass. Starring Princess Skylar

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Oh Cucky I Know You Heard Him Fuck Me Up The Ass. Starring Princess Skylar




As Sexy Cuckoldrix Princess Skylar lies on her oft-used fucking bench, she calls out to her cuck husband, who has been kneeling in
the corner. “I know you heard him fuck me” she says mockingly, knowing he’s feeling jealous but aroused at the same time. She
tells him that since he did such a good job licking her ass clean in preparation for her lover that she’s now going to let him
lick the cum from it. He’s ordered to lift her skirt and spread her ass cheeks, at which point she asks if he can see any cum.
Meanwhile, a huge cum load runs from her ass down into her pussy and onto her legs. She tells him there’s more cum inside her ass
than outside so he had better be sucking as well as licking.

Skylar didn’t clean her ass very well so the taste is salty and sweet. “You don’t get to brush your teeth tonight” she adds. It
then strikes Skylar that the slave’s toothpaste should be cum from now on. After all, why waste money on toothpaste? More cum
gushes out of Skylar’s ass, and she tells hubby that her lover came in her ass three times, so hubby can expect to do a lot of cum
eating. “I also have another boyfriend coming over in an hour” Skylar adds. “Just make sure you get all the cum because I don’t
want him to know I’m fucking other guys.” Hubby is clearly well-trained, and as the cum runs from Skylar’s ass, he diligently
licks up every drop. Skylar has not only avoided telling her pending lover she has other boyfriends but hasn’t disclosed that
she’s married either. “He’d be shocked if he knew I had a husband here licking another man’s cum from my ass” she laughs. Skylar
orders hubby to give her ass a final lick because she doesn’t want a jealous boyfriend on her hands. “I just want men worshiping
me, one way or another.”



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Can you Tell Which Boyfriend It Was. Starring Goddess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Can you Tell Which Boyfriend It Was. Starring Goddess Mia




Goddess Mia uses slaves up and then spits them out. Her slave is not a fan of cum but he has learned to eagerly lick it up when
she demands it or risk being replaced. Mia loves mocking her weak slave, telling him about her dates and the hot hung studs she
takes as lovers and gets even more satisfaction getting fucked then making her slave lick the cum up as it runs from her sweet
young pussy. As the scene opens you can see cum running out of Mia’s pussy and a lot more on her legs where it has run out. The
slave is locked in her cage with only his head sticking out. She tells him to start by licking all the cum off her legs. “My
pussy is to sore and raw for you to lick so only lick my legs” she tells him. She humiliates him further by asking if he can tell
from the taste of the cum which lover it is. “Was it Harold, James, Ramone?” she asks and when he identifies it as Ramone’s cum
she is very impressed telling him he is getting very good at this game. She reaches in her pussy and then takes her cum filled
fingers and sticks them in his mouth. She talks about how Ramone is over 10″ in length, compared to the slaves 4″. She belittles
him saying he must feel so small and insignificant next to him. She then tells him to stroke himself so she can see for herself
how big it is. “If it gets big enough maybe I’ll let you fuck me”, she laughs, knowing no amount of arousal would ever get him
big enough to please her. More cum runs from her pussy and she makes him lick it up also. “I can just tell you love cum” she
says and then suggests she might just leave him in the cage and have her lover come over and masturbate in his mouth. “Do you
like the black men’s cum the most?” she asks him. He whimpers that he does but does admit he likes all cum when she questions him

Mia is again getting aroused, knowing how debased her slave is and thinking about the studs that fuck her so she starts to
masturbate. Meanwhile, the slave is stroking his cock like there is no tomorrow and it gets rock hard. She tells him it looks
like he is maybe three and a half inches in length at most. She reaches inside her pussy again and gets more cum on her
fingers. While feeding it to him she asks if he wants cum everyday. While embarrassed he knows the answer she expects is yes so
he says so. She makes him tell her that he is a big faggot. She is really getting off knowing she can do anything she wants to
this perverted creature and will never get no for an answer. Every word he speaks is an attempt to please her. “Now tell me you
are a big cocksucker” she continues, “You just want to suck big black cocks all day long.” The slave repeats what she tells him
to. She says that the next time she has Ramone over she is going to tell him to bring a friend and as Ramone fucks her, the slave
can suck off his friend. While humiliated there is no denying the slave is rock hard and struggling not to shoot a load of his
own. She thinks it would be hot if Ramone cums inside her the same time his buddy cums in the slaves mouth. “Then after you
swallow the friends cum you can suck Ramone’s cum from my pussy.” She asks the slave if he wants to cum and he begs her to let
him cum but just as he is about to explode she makes him take his hand off his cock. Slaves don’t need to cum, their purpose is
to serve.



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Subby Hubby – Brianna Punishes Her Cuck 5: Fucking. Starring Goddess Brianna

Subby Hubby – Brianna Punishes Her Cuck 5: Fucking. Starring Goddess Brianna




Goddess Brianna fucks her stud good and hard and deep, filled with a real man. Her cuck is close by as she makes him watch. He
could never fuck her like this. He sees her getting fucked by the better man and how she moans. He could never make her moan like
that, cum like that. No way. The cuck is made to lick up her stud’s mess which is all over her gorgeous breasts. That is all he is
good for, cleaning up.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Pleasure Me you Dirty Little Dildo Mouth. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Pleasure Me you Dirty Little Dildo Mouth. Starring Princess Lily




Sexy Princess Lily lies on the bed, wearing nothing but thigh-high pantyhose. “In times of need, when my boyfriend can’t get here right away, I have to use my stupid slave” she complains. She says she’s horny a lot, and when she is, she expects instant gratification. The camera pans in to show her slave on his knees with a dildo gag in his mouth. The slave’s cock is much too small to please a Goddess like Lily. And even if it were bigger, she still needs an Alpha Man, not a weak beta who trembles in the presence of the kind of men she has over to fuck her. She calls the boy over. She teases him with her pussy and tells him she’s going to allow him to fuck her with his dirty little dildo mouth. “You’re my last resort” she says, and adds that he’d better keep her satisfied until her boyfriend gets there… or else!

He struggles to penetrate her and she mocks him mercilessly for being so useless. “I can fantasize about a big black lover’s cock while you do that” she says. As it slides in, she mocks him by talking about real men. It does feel good though, and soon she’s moaning as she thinks about her boyfriend. She closes her eyes to help her forget that it’s only a disgusting slave between her legs. “At least you get to smell my pussy” she tells him. She reminds him of the fact that he’s just finished eating the skin off her feet, licking her smelly, sweaty armpits, and wiping her dirty ass with his tongue. “And now this; it’s been a busy day for you!” Lily says that if her boyfriend were there, she wouldn’t even be able to talk or open her eyes, he’d be fucking her so good. As she plays with her clit, she gets lost in thoughts of her stud, and the slave keeps a steady pace. He knows he must do a perfect job or be replaced, and then we hear Lily scream with pleasure. “Now get out of my pussy! Go to the closet until I need you again.” she orders, in a dismissive tone.

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Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Cuckie Meet Pool Boy 3. Starring Mistress Jasmine

Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Cuckie Meet Pool Boy 3. Starring Mistress Jasmine




My new hot black stud fucks me hard on and against the pool table while my leashed husband in chastity watches us. Cuckie is ordered to lie face up under my dripping wet pussy while our new pool boy pounds me from behind. While I make hot with my hot new lover my husband gets to demonstrate his deep throating skills and taste my juices off a real man’s cock. This high intensity romp ends with cuckie cleaning up a nice juicy load of protein off my stud’s cock. Yummy!



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Subby Hubby – Cuckold Cowboy For Goddess Penny (Pt 5 strap On). Starring Goddess Penny Nicoles

Subby Hubby – Cuckold Cowboy For Goddess Penny (Pt 5 strap On). Starring Goddess Penny Nicoles




Goddess Penny Nicoles just taught her new cuckold cowboy how to suck her big pink strap-on, and now she is going to show this cowboy how to ride her cock, She bends the bitch over and starts riding him like a bucking bronco just how long can she stay on Tobys cucky slut ass she pounds him hard like a wild stallion, he bites the pillow as goddess Penny thrusts her big hard strap-on cock right up this Cowboys shoot, Yee Haa Rine em cowboy!!! he thanks Miss Penny for the rides as he hobbles out the door she gives him one more smack on the ass.

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Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 2: CFNM Party

Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 2: CFNM Party




Toby is feeling very humiliated. His face covered in cum and “cum dumpster” had been written on his chest. Suddenly his friend Collin comes home, the same friend who gave him the advice to call some hot girls. He sees the predicament of his friend and tries to pretend he is shocked but the girls out him as a little submissive bitch and order him to get undressed and into a collar also.

The women are having a full-on CFNM (clothed female, naked male) femdom party and it looks like the men will have to have a dance-off to amuse them. When they are finished, the women compare their tiny penises to each other and decide things need to get even more humiliation.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Confess Cucky It Was A Gangbang. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Confess Cucky It Was A Gangbang. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine walks into the house and goes to the coat rack to retrieve a collar and leash. “Slave I’ve ‘come’ for you.”, she says as walks to her cuck kneeling by the steps, awaiting her return. As she collars him, he asks where they are going and she replies, “Not that kind of come.” She then hikes up her skirt and tells the slave she has just been fucked by a huge black cock. “I have ‘cum’ for you”, she repeats as she slides a finger into her pussy and pulls it out covered in jizz, which she proceeds to stick in the slaves mouth.

As she sticks her fingers back into her pussy a massive load of cum pours out of her. She feeds her fingers to the slave again and then makes him get down on all fours to lick the floor clean. She explains that this is how she keeps her floors clean, black mans cum as polish and the slaves tongue to buff it clean. She fingers herself more, again feeding it to her desperate hubby. She tells him next time she goes out she will take him with her and then as she sticks her finger back inside yet another load of cum comes pouring out. She laughs and says, “I Confess Cucky, It Was A Gangbang.” He is again ordered to lick the cum off the floor and Jasmine says she actually lost count of how many loads she took. “Sometimes when I cough or sneeze, hours later, cum just comes pouring out of me”, she adds. “He loves licking cum off the store floors when I have an accident.” Jasmine loves studs and her hubby has a lifetime of cum eating ahead of him.



Keywords: cuckolding, miss jasmine, cum eating, asian goddess

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Subby Hubby – Trained By a Domme Part 4: Blowjob Training. Starring Nicolette Love and Raquel Roper

Subby Hubby – Trained By a Domme Part 4: Blowjob Training. Starring Nicolette Love and Raquel Roper




The next phase in breaking this sissy bitch husband down and making him a full cuckold is to introduce him to a real man. This man has a huge cock and Mistress Raquel is going to force him to fluff and suck this cock so the stud can get horny and fuck his wife. Should the stud cum, then he is going to have to swallow the load and simply fluff him all over again for her. Lets see if he does as good of a job as they want him to.

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