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ClubDom – Full Cheyenne Jewel Amadahy [Strapon, Amadahy, Scissor]

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ClubDom – Full Cheyenne Jewel Amadahy [Strapon, Amadahy, Scissor]




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[Femdom 2018] Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Breaks Open Piggy Bank with Whip and Rubs Salt in Open Wounds [Whipping, Whipped, Whip]

[Femdom 2018] Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Breaks Open Piggy Bank with Whip and Rubs Salt in Open Wounds [Whipping, Whipped, Whip]




Amadahy bites her piggy slave hard. Even its unseasoned raw flesh tastes delicious. Piggy was intended to be Amadahy’s personal bank, but it had the audacity to withhold a small bit of money from Princess. Unacceptable. It will pay. Piggy banks are almost always broken open when it’s time to collect the coins. After she cracks the bank open with her whip, Amadahy seasons its wounds with salt. The pig cries out a lot, inhuman sounds. It stumbles around in pain. Amadahy will not stop. Even though it can no longer stand, she continues to break it’s back open while it lies on the ground. Time for piggy to be slaughtered. After this clip was shot, piggy was taken out back behind the house and drenched with accelerant. We roasted piggy while it was alive and still screaming. All the girls came out from the sorority and we had a luau. The roast was delicious and served eleven plus. (9:10 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Whipping, Punishment, Financial Domination, Salt, suggested vore

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: female domination

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[Faceslap, Face Slap, Face Slapping] Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Face Slapping Contest

[Faceslap, Face Slap, Face Slapping] Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Face Slapping Contest




Amadahy and Sasha are having a face slapping contest. Each Princess thinks that she can slap her slave in the face harder and more times. The girls each go one round, plus a final bonus round. The number of slaps from each round are tallied. The bonus round is timed. Each girl tries to get in the most slaps possible before time’s up. At the end of the game, both girls decide to reward themselves for winning and punish the slaves for being losers. We had a lot of fun playing this game! (9:45 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Sasha, Female Domination, Face Slapping, Games, brief Ballbusting



Keywords: games

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Bratty Babes Own You – Undercover Dom Goddess Amadahy Ultra Stinky Foot Worship. Starring Goddess Amadahy

Bratty Babes Own You – Undercover Dom Goddess Amadahy Ultra Stinky Foot Worship. Starring Goddess Amadahy




Goddess Amadahy has decided to let a loser take her out to dinner. Goddess Amadahy sits on the sofa with the loser and he try’s to make a move a move on Goddess Amadahy. Goddess Amadahy is furious and decides to let this pos know who she really is. Goddess Amadahy takes off her jacket and underneath is wearing sexy leather dom gear. Goddess Amadahy forces the loser to the ground. Goddess Amadahy explains that she is a goddess and owns pathetic losers like him. Goddess Amadahy informs this loser he will be from here on out be her personal footboy and will be giving her a week payment. The loser cries but Goddess Amadahy is not take no for an answer. Goddess Amadahy unzips her boots and puts her sweaty socked soles in his face. Goddess Amadahy forces him to worship her sweaty socked soles htne peels them off. Goddess Amadahy releas she is wearing ultra worn ultras stinky pantyhose. This loser has no idea that he would not be getting pussy but sweaty feet instead. Goddess Amadahy grinds her stinky feet on his face till he agrees to be her personal foot bitch.Goddess Amadahy then getsd up with his wallet and leaves him with the stench of her nylon soles on his face.



Keywords: goddess amadahy, pantyhose, amadahy, boots, socks, stinky, nylons, femdom, findom, worship, foot worship

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Ballbusting World – Ballbusting Fitness. Starring Araneae

Ballbusting World – Ballbusting Fitness. Starring Araneae




Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Ball Abuse, Araneae, Ballbusting, Balls Busting

464 mb
20 min


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Who Owns You?
GarryFebruary 19, 2018No Comments
Who Owns You?

Looking more pretty than ever, her lean body gaining muscle, Goddess Amadahy locks on to the human pain cushion, Chad. She taunts him in a throatscissors for his grey hair, asking him a question he can’t answer because her adductors are crushing his windpipe. Amadahy is an outstanding athlete, showing off her flexibility and power in a rear naked choke, leaning back as Chad hangs on and taps. She cinches on the hold, making Chad cough hard. Another throatscissors from the supreme domme whose swimmer legs crush Chad, turning him purple n making him gag. A bodyscissors. “I wanna feel if I can crack your ribs yet,” says the girl with 1 of the most devestating bodyscissors anywhere. She gets him in a hammer lock and puts her knee on his neck like a cop. She unties his belt n uses it for leverage in a front headscissors with HOM. A figure four headscissors, a guillotine leg choke that shows off the athlete’s perfectly cut quad. Goddess Amadahy’s legs control much of the action here, throatscissors after throatscissors – more straight headscissors – then the hard drop of her legs onto his neck as Amadahy makes karate noises and laughs a wicked laugh finally snapping her ankles together. She front facesits him, then has tall girl Mishka come over to help hurt his ribs. Amadahy slaps him in the face while her friend crushes his ribs, then The Goddess locks him in a reverse headscissors. She pours on a throatscissors while Mishka pins him. They verbally and physcially humiliate him. Amadahy makes him clean the bottom of her foot with his tongue then forces him to open his mouth for a brutal foot gag in which she holds his nose and forces from him gagging sounds. An armbar by Goddess almost snaps Chad’s arm at the elbow. “Don’t break my arm, please Goddess!” Mishka chimes in, telling him “Just a little bit of pressure and it’s going to be broken,” then panics him by sitting her curvy, 5’10” frame on his chest and pressing down – HOM, as Amadahy’s legs constrict. “Destroy that little bitch,” Mishka says with Amadahy tying Chad up in her arms and legs as he goes blue.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissor, Scissorhold, Foot Gagging, Dual Domination, Mishka, Double Domination, Amadahy, Young Mistress, Smothering, Smother

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave Edged while Balls Stretched

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave Edged while Balls Stretched




Amadahy has her devoted slave bolted into a very intense ball stretching device. Amadahy wants to see how far she can stretch the slave’s balls. She turns the screw, while Sasha edges the trapped cock. With every turn, the slave’s balls are pulled away from its body. The balls deepen to purple as the cock grows harder. Amadahy and Sasha open the device to its limit, and the balls are stretched as much as they could possibly be. It wouldn’t take much to castrate the slave in this vulnerable position. They toy with the idea of making a gelding. Generously, the girls decide to leave the slave intact, but instead satisfy their sadistic whims by leading it away to put out a few lit cigarettes on the skin of its tightly stretched balls. (13:54 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Sasha Foxxx, Edging, Female Domination, Ball Stretching, CBT

Category: CBT


Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – You Are Next (Slave Open Call)

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – You Are Next (Slave Open Call)




Losers ask us all the time how they can become a slave in Brat Princess clips. If that sounds like you, watch this video. In it, you’ll see how we use and abuse a loser who desperately wanted to be in our clips. We treat this slave like the subhuman it is, and if you come to our house to serve us, we are going to be just as mean and bratty to you. Included in this clip is an email address. If after seeing everything we do to this guy, you still want to be our slave, then go ahead and send an email. You could be the loser we humiliate and beat next. (15:27 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Edyn Blair, Female Domination, Forced Stripping, Spitting, Face Slapping, Humiliation, Shoe Worship, Heel Scraping



Keywords: brat girls

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave Teased while Wearing Spiked Chastity Ring

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave Teased while Wearing Spiked Chastity Ring




Amadahy has locked her devoted slave into a spiked chastity ring. She and Sasha make the slave stroke itself for them while in the device. The more aroused the slave becomes, the more the metal spikes dig in. Amadahy teases the slave her beautiful ass. The girls laugh at the slave’s anguish. The slave begs to be let out, but instead the girls throw the key into an airshaft. They decide the slave will have to clean all their dirty panties with his mouth while still in the treacherous spikes. Very cruel. (9:27 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Sasha Foxxx, Female Domination, Chastity, Humiliation, Masturbation Encouragement, Tease & Denial

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: female domination

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ClubDom – Scream Louder. Starring Goddess Amadahy

ClubDom – Scream Louder. Starring Goddess Amadahy




Dommes Amadahy is a true sadist who enjoys the pain and suffering of her slaves. Disappointed with the performance of this stable bitch, Amadahy decides to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget, locking him in predicament bondage before caning him. Any movement will cause excruciating pain to his arms and shoulders, which have to support his upper body weight.

Amadahy tears into the slave with her cane, delivering full force strokes with a smile on her face. In no time her slave is crying out in pain, which only makes Amadahy smile and cane the bitch even harder. She even orders him to scream louder, telling him how excited his pain is making her. Totally broken by her canes, the slave can no longer even move, just hanging limply as Amadahy continues to cane his pathetic ass until she is satisfied. She tells her slave that he is worthless and weak, but that she`ll continue his training until he can satisfy her sadistic lust.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Caning, BDSM, Corporal Punishment, Young Mistress, Amadahy, Bondage Male, Bondage, ClubDom, Cane, Canes, Canning

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Ruined Multiple Times while in Virtual Reality at the Edging Salon

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Ruined Multiple Times while in Virtual Reality at the Edging Salon




1080 HD: Clip reached number 1 overall on Clips4Sale! Introducing The Edging Salon! Luscious Lindsey drops off her slave for some
brain re-wiring at the Edging Salon. Her slave will be in the hands of Teaser Divina Alexa today. Lindseys instructions are
simple, reprogram his mind, edge him, ruin him, make him recycle it, and lock him back up in chastity. She will be going to brunch
with her girlfriends while her chastity cuck is rinsed at the Salon.

The chastity slave is strapped in, noise canceling headphones placed on his head, and Virtual Reality (VR) goggles over his eyes.
The girls run a program that will begin to wash his brain. The slave has to watch the video and listen while he is edged by the
teaser Divina Alexa. The program has subtle brain rewiring to remove self-esteem from the male. The girls plan to remove the
contents of its brain and fill it back up with the stuff Lindsey wants. The video the slave watches in VR contains clips from:
Amadahy, Luscious Lindsey, Divina Alexa, Goddess Amadahy, Mia, Empress Jennifer, and more. The fetishes are: findom, ass addict,
face sitting, milking machine, POV handjob, and POV Femdom.

The chastity slave is edged and forced to 3 ruined orgasms. The ejaculate is captured and then recycled by the chastity slave at
the end. He is returned to a cage and will await pick up by his Princess and owner Luscious Lindsey later that afternoon or

Production NOTES: What you are watching is the edging session from the outside. The picture in picture is what the chastity slave
was watching during the washing and rewiring of its brain. The sound is a mixture of both. There is music appropriate for brain
re-wiring in the picture in picture video. It is meant to relax the male to help the rinsing, edging, and ruining. The viewer is
encouraged to watch the picture in picture video to get an understanding of what happens at the Edging Salon. Or you can enjoy the
suffering of the slave. It is basically 2 videos at once. (21:02 long)

Clip contains: Divina Alexa, Luscious Lindsey, Lola, Amadahy, Mia, Sasha Foxx, Empress Jennifer, handjob, ruined orgasms, cum
eating, chastity, face sitting, ass addict, milking machine, handjobs POV, brain re-wire


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