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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Rewires Jerk Monkey into Toilet

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Rewires Jerk Monkey into Toilet




What do you mean you dont want to be My toilet? Amadahy asks a dumb nerd. Clearly, this dummy doesnt understand what he is. He jerks his pathetic dick like a monkey. Amadahy takes away his eyeglasses and spits in his mouth. It doesnt matter what he wants. Hes going to be a toilet. Amadahy is going to train this dumb monkey to swallow every drop of her piss. She knows this boy isnt as normal as he claims to be. She knows he can be made into a slave. Amadahy tells the boy, The whole reason why youre here is because you like me, but I dont like you. She makes the stroker lick the bottoms of her designer shoes. Monkey fellates the long heel of her tall stiletto. Amadahy tells the jerker that her whole goal is to rewire him. She wants to make it so that he can only jerk off while she humiliates and degrades him. Soon, he will understand that he is just a toilet and a wallet for her use. All of his earnings will be wired into her bank account, from which She will pay him a small stipend. His whole world is to revolve around his Princess. Yet, the dummy protests one last time that he does not want to be a toilet. Amadahy spits in his face and locks him back into chastity. Hell be given some time to think. Soon, hell be begging to be her toilet. (10:07 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Findom, Femdom, slave jerks off while licking soles of shoes, jerk monkey rewired into becoming toilet slave, discussion of chastity, slave fellates long stiletto heels



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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Outfit Tester for Bikini Brat Princess




Amadahy needs for her bikini to be really sexy for this pool party. This boy named Dylan is going to be there, and he is really cute. Amadahy wants his attention, and she’s going to use her cuck to make sure she gets it. Amadahy is going to test all her bikinis on the cuck first. The bikini that makes his chastity hurt the worst will be the one she wears for Dylan. Amadahy tests the first bikini. It is blue and sequined. She rubs her butt against the cuck’s stupid face, reminding him that the hot bikini is really for Dylan and the cuck is just the tester. Amadahy moves onto the next bikini. It is rainbow sparkle. The cuck is forced to look at her beautiful nude body as she switches bikini bottoms. It is torture for him in chastity. He has been in chastity a long time and serving as a Goddess’ outfit tester is almost too much to bear. Amadahy struts in the rainbow sparkle bikini. “I like THIS one!” She says. Amadahy inspects and taps her fingernail against the cuck’s device. She’s got to try on a third to make sure she chooses the most impressive one. She makes the cuck take off the second bikini bottom for her. The poor, suffering, cuck removes his Princess’ bikini bottom. It gets face slapped for looking at the Goddess’ pussy. He shouldn’t look longingly at things he can’t have. The cuck is literally in tears. He is overcome with emotion and desire for what can never be his. Amadahy chooses the bikini that brought the cuck to tears. She has no mercy for the cuck. While she is off flirting with Dylan, the cuck will have to wait in the bathroom to serve as a toilet for her and her girlfriends. (10:40 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Chastity, Tease & Denial, Cuckold, Humiliation



Keywords: CHASTITY

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Dominique – Shows New Friend how Grandfather is kept in Chastity (Part 2)




This section of the clip contains foot worship. See complete version for full description. (9:33 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Dominique, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity, Face Slapping, Spitting, Financial Domination, Taboo

Category: BRAT GIRLS



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Brat Princess 2 – Chichi – Oiled Booty Facesit




Its such a nice day to lay out on the patio. Chichi uses her human bench to sunbathe in her shiny bathing suit. The bench cannot breathe the fresh summer air with Chichis booty on its face. Chichi inhales deeply, Mmmmfeel that breeze. Chichi is so relaxed. She might stay here all day and watch the sunset. She stands to oil-up her butt. Wouldnt you love to feel this soft, oily, ass on your face? She asks. Chichi rubs oil all over her ass, then goes right back to sitting full-weight on the slaves face. He gets smothered in her glistening ass. Chichi stands to rub some more oil on her booty, then sits back down hard. This is my throne, she tells the slave. You are my bench, you are my throne. Chichi giggles, satisfied. (10:03 long)

Clip contains: Chichi, ass oiling, full-weight facesit, Princess uses human bench to sunbathe


Related Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Jade – Sissy Whore Gets Out of Chastity




Its time for Jades sissy to be milked. Amadahy is invited to share the sissy-girl. The sissy follows the Princesses into the living room from where she is kept. Her frills are lifted to expose her chastity. Her clit is swollen and her balls are full. Both Princesses tease the sissys chastity. She moans as her Princesses tickle between her legs. Jade rubs her clit against her sissys. Jade and Amadahy decide that the sissy will be milked into her own mouth. They remove her chastity. She grew so big in there! Jade feeds the sissy its pre-cum. It licks the pre-cum off Jades fingers. The sissy-girl is so excited, it almost cums right away. Jade gets upset with her sissy. The easer slut has nearly embarrassed her in front of her friend with a premature orgasm. She is not allowed to cum yet. Jade eventually gives the slut permission to cum, but only under the condition that she be flipped over and jerked into her own mouth. The Princesses position the sissy with her lady stick over her mouth. The sissy cums on her pretty face and in her mouth. Jade instructs the sissy to say, I love being a cum-whore. Jade pushes all the cum into the whores mouth and down her throat. Now get the fuck outta my face and clean the kitchen, Jade says. She specifies that she wants the sissy to put her chastity back on, first. Then, clean the kitchen with the cum still on her face. (17:15 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jade, sissy jerked off into own mouth, cum eating whore, chastity, Princesses milk eager slut

Category: FEMDOM


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Brat Princess 2 – Anabelle – Chastity Slave Sucks Cum from Thong




Anabelles slave worships her thong while she texts. She cant concentrate on what shes doing because he isnt worshiping her panties right. Shes getting frustrated with his inability to obey. Anabelle has clearly expressed how she wants to be licked in her thong. She gives him some constructive criticism and he responds well. Hes becoming better with every stroke. Hes been placed in a position from which its a challenge to lick her properly. Anabelle loves to hear him struggling to satisfy her. He is having a hard time reaching the spot Anabelle wants licked. He crawls his way to the spot with his hands behind his back. Anabelle is satisfied with his effort. Shes ready to reward him with her cum. She makes the slave lie on her bed with his tongue out. She sits on his face and rides his tongue. Anabelle teases his chastity as she uses his face for an orgasm. He sucks the cum as it drips through her panties. (10:16 long)

Clip contains: Anabelle, slave licks thong while in chastity, Princess rides slaves tongue, slave sucks cum from panties



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Brat Princess 2 – ChiChi – Seduces a Shoe Salesman Part 1




ChiChi loves shopping for new shoes, but she hates when the lowly salesman keeps her waiting. The shoe salesman servicing her is not very good at his job. He just cant satisfy his customers demands. The salesman helps ChiChi change her shoes a few times while on his knees. ChiChi comments that her husband must make much more money than he does, and he doesnt have to grovel on his knees all day. She cant believe that at 50 the salesman is still just in entry level retail. It must be because hes so bad at satisfying women. ChiChi finally finds a pair she likes. She inquires if the store provides a shoe cleaning service. The salesman replies that he would have to ask the manager. ChiChi mentions that when she was a girl, she had the boys in school licking the dirt off her shoes all the time. The salesman is desperate for the sale. He says that he would be willing to lick the dirt off the shoes, if she decides to buy the pair today. ChiChi isnt convinced. She tells the salesman to show her how he will lick the dirt from her shoes. The desperate salesman opens his mouth and starts to lick, right in the middle of the store. He licks the soles, eager to show her that hes the man for the job. ChiChi thrusts her heel into his cheek and tells him to suck. To be continued (8:05 long)

Clip contains: ChiChi, Femdom convinces salesman to lick soles of shoes, shoe worship, stiletto heel sucking



Keywords: ChiChi

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Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Restrained Full Weight Facesit in Disco Pants




Mia ass smothers this slave with complete and utter indifference for its life. With the slave restrained to a chair, Mia sits her full weight over the slave’s mouth and nose for extended periods of time. There are no safe words and no way for the slave to signal or tap out. However long Mia denies him air is just what he’s going to have to accept. Eventually the slave starts to struggle in its restraints. Mia does not care that he needs to breathe. She keeps sitting on him, even though the slave is trying to signal that he needs a breath. Mia keeps sitting until the slave is struggling so much she loses her balance. The slave takes a HUGE gasp for air. Mia smiles and immediately seals his mouth and nose back up. This clip is full weight ass smothering for extended periods of time. This particular slave is very good at holding its breath, but Mia really challenges him. He really truly struggles while Mia just sits and cruelly smiles at his plight. Mia then takes off her heels and straddles the slave’s face. Again, she forms a complete seal over the restrained slave’s nose and mouth. The slave struggles in bondage until it is completely limp and still. (9:33 long)

Clip contains: Mia, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Ass Smothering, Brat Girls, Disco Pants, Chastity



Keywords: Disco Pants

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Amadahy – Automated Ass Fucking




One of the warehouse livestock has not produced enough pre cum. There is only one thing to be done: fuck it in the ass nonstop with a tireless machine. If it cannot be used as a cum cow, it will have to be sold as something else. The worthless livestock will now just be used as a fuck hole. It will be kept in a stockade all day on all fours and the teasers will charge money to whomever wants to use its entrances. The cow is unused to anal penetration, as it was used only on the milking bench before. The fucking machine will get his ass up to par quicker than any other training device. And it’s perfect, because the cow hates it so much, the anal fucking is both punishment for his lack of productivity and training for its new position at the same time. The teasers have started with a pretty sizable cock, but after an hour they plan to move up in both length and girth. The livestock is getting fast tracked into becoming a fully stretched anal slut. Even with full automation, the teasers have been putting a lot of hard work into repurposing the cow’s body. They get hungry and decide to have a snack and chit chat while the machine runs. They have some nice healthy fruit while watching the cow get fucked. Amadahy is very generous and spits some of her banana into a bowl for the cow. It’s unfortunate the cow can’t actually reach the feed bowl. The girls have a conversation about a new vegan hair dye Alexa has been using. The cow starts making some noise, which is annoying, so they re grease the cock, which shuts it right up. After their snack, Amadahy amps up the speed while Alexa works on training the cow’s mouth to accept huge cocks. Once the bigger cock has been made ready with the cow’s mouth, they change out the smaller one. This otherwise useless cow will be repurposed into a functional set of gaping fuck holes in no time! (16:02 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Female Domination, Fucking Machines, anal, dildo fucking, Financial Domination



Keywords: ANAL

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Brat Princess 2 – Savannah – Fart Facesit




Savannah sits, nude, on a slaves face and farts into his open mouth. He is merely a vessel for whatever comes from her asshole. The only thing hes remotely useful for is sucking out farts. Savannah wants to make sure the slave sucks out all of her farts. She wants her ass to be fresh when shes with a person who matters. The slave resists. He chokes and squirms. His eyes water. Savannah thinks his struggle is funny. Its just a little tummy gas! This clip includes a bonus teaser of a previously released farting video. (5:50 long)

Clip contains: Savannah, fart, nude facesit, forces slave to suck farts from asshole

Category: FARTING


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