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[Femdom 2018] The Queendom – Jada Never Breaks Character. Starring Madam Jada [Ass Fetish, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Human Furniture, Ebony]

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[Femdom 2018] The Queendom – Jada Never Breaks Character. Starring Madam Jada [Ass Fetish, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting, Human Furniture, Ebony]




“Are we taking a break?” Madam Jada asks her slave when she notices him laying on the couch, falling asleep. The slave tries to say yes, but he’s interrupted by Madam Jada dropping her beautiful ass on his chest! Not only does Jada’s magnificent ass cover the slave’s entire chest and stomach; she makes sure to sit so her thigh presses right up against the slave’s nose and mouth, sealing off the slave’s air supply while she crushes his chest! The slave tries to say that he’s already sore and exhausted from being crushed and smothered for so long, but Jada isn’t listening. Instead she grabs a plate and starts scarfing down some delicious pizza while crushing her favorite furniture slave. “Didn’t you want me to sit on you?” she asks without moving her thigh from the slave’s face. “You took up the whole couch so where was I supposed to sit?” she asks with a little laugh. “I could move,” her seat blurts out during the one second Jada gives him to breathe. “I like to sit on you so its ok,” she says, dropping her smooth thigh back down over the slave’s mouth. The slave tries to beg Jada to let him up, he hasn’t eaten yet and would love a piece of pizza, but Jada isn’t in the mood to share! Or to stop sitting! “I’m the one doing all the work!” she says after turning to bury the slave’s face directly under her wonderful ass. “I never get out of character! Always stay ready they say!” Indeed with Madam Jada squashing and smothering men comes quiet naturally. Any male foolish enough to lay on a couch around Jada risks having the life slowly crushed and smothered out of him beneath Jada’s beautiful amazon body! Only Jada knows how long this slave will stay buried beneath her or if he’ll even survive!

Madam Jada, Facesitting, Chest Sitting, Human Furniture, Femdom, BTS



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[Femdom 2018] The Queendom – It Always Hurts When I See You. Starring Madam Jada [Facesitting, Chest Sitting, Ass Smother, Human Furniture]

[Femdom 2018] The Queendom – It Always Hurts When I See You. Starring Madam Jada [Facesitting, Chest Sitting, Ass Smother, Human Furniture]




As a slave, seeing Madam Jada is never easy. Being sat on, squeezed, smothered, and crushed can certainly be fun and exciting, but with Madam Jada’s incredible, massive booty and powerful thighs it can quickly become painful, exhausting, even terrifying for her helpless slaves. That’s exactly how Madam Jada likes it though and no matter how uncomfortable her seat may get, Jada never lets up. This slave knew what he was getting into, he’s been trapped here beneath Jada’s full weight before. He knows that once it begins, as soon as Jada’s magnificent rear end settles on his chest he will have to endure its weight for at least the rest of the day. “You seem more comfortable,” she says, meaning she may sit for even longer before. She stretches her legs out and makes herself as comfortable as possible, preferring to keep as much of her weight as possible on the slave’s chest. When she sits facing sideways her ass takes up the slave’s entire torso, crushing him from his collar bone to stomach. Jada bounces up and down, laughing at how the air is forced out of the slave’s lungs each time her butt lands. When she turns to face the camera she crosses her legs and rests them on the slave’s shoulders, putting 100% off her weight on his chest; crushing him while she casually looks for dinner.

After 12 minutes of non-stop, full weight chest crushing, Jada has finished ordering food and she’s ready to take things up a notch. “You know what I’m gonna do?” she asks mischievously. “I’m gonna sit on your face!” Jada turns around and drops her ass down in a reverse facesit, crushing the slave’s nose as she focuses her weight onto it. As the slave starts to panic from the smothering he tries to struggle for air which gives Jada an idea: If the slave can get out from underneath her she won’t smother him all night. The slave is conflicted. On one hand the night has just begun and he wants to be smothered, but on the other hand Jada always takes it farther than he wants to go and sometimes keeps him captive for days! The slave’s struggles start to get more intense though as the pressure on his face and constant smothering starts to take its toll. When Jada strips off her leggings it calms the slave down for a moment, who wouldn’t be mesmerized be the sight of her amazing ass coming towards you? But free from the leggings her ass gets and even tighter grip on the slave’s face, making it even harder to breathe and prompting the slave to struggle again. Of course, there’s nothing this scrawny, 160 lb slave can do to move the powerful Goddess on his face! Jada is 5’10 and 185 and easily overpowers the slave throughout the video. Ultimately the slaves gives in, accepting his fate and wondering how many hours or days he will spend beneath Madam Jada this time…

Madam Jada, Facesitting, Chest Sitting, Ass Smother, Human Furniture



Keywords: queendom, madam jada, facesitting, chestsitting, ass fetish, ass squishing, ass worship, female domination, big butt, human furniture, stomach sitting, squashed, smothered

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The Laughing Latina – Neck Riding & Grinding. Starring Jasmine Mendez [CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, STOMACH SITTING]

The Laughing Latina – Neck Riding & Grinding. Starring Jasmine Mendez [CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, STOMACH SITTING]




Without care I Grind and Neck sit on my shorter and weaker slave, this time all while dancing. I sit Full weight with my legs out extended during the entire time. Once again lets not forget my weight on his neck Im not sure how he makes it through this ( ANOTHER POPULAR CLICK TO WATCH Pantyhose Neck sitting) .



Keywords: human furniture, chest sitting, domination, humiliation, stomach sitting, amazon, legs, ass, desperation, neck sitting, short guys, riding, ignore

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[Femdom 2018] The Queendom – Best Butt Day Ever (Trampling). Starring Mistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt [FOOT DOMINATION, HUMAN FURNITURE, SMOTHER]

[Femdom 2018] The Queendom – Best Butt Day Ever (Trampling). Starring Mistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt [FOOT DOMINATION, HUMAN FURNITURE, SMOTHER]




*This video was filmed with our new 4k camera and downscaled to HD. The result is a smaller file than a 4k video with better quality than normal HD!

** This is the third part of Best Booty Day Ever

Some slaves just have all of the luck and this particular slave is about to have the best booty day ever! Mistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt have decided to team up to show this skinny, wannabe human-furniture slave just how brutal being beneath two women can be! First they start with chest sitting. Mistress An Li plops down right on the slave’s diaphragm and invites Hannah to sit on her lap. Their combined weight pushes the air out of the slave’s lungs and prevents him from drawing a full breath again! Soon they start bouncing and dropping the sexy asses on the slave’s chest and stomach over and over! The slave’s face quickly turns red and purple, but the Mistresses are just getting warmed up. After 10 minutes of double-teaming the slave’s chest they decide its time to get to work on the slave’s face too! Mistress Hannah Hunt lowers her incredible, massive rear end down onto the slave’s face, cutting off all of his air while Mistress An Li gets comfortable, settling her full weight on the slave’s stomach. An Li starts to get restless though and when the Mistresses switch position she really gets to work destroying the slave’s face! She bounces and grinds her body into the slave’s face without mercy, laughing at how flat and squishy the slave’s nose is getting. Mistress Hanna meanwhile has made herself comfortable on the slave’s stomach and lap, crushing his pathetic balls beneath her amazing ass. Hannah is careful to keep ALL of her weight on the slave as she sits, but soon even that isn’t enough. Hannah stands up, crushing the slave’s stomach beneath her full weight while An Li laughs. Soon they switch positions again and Mistress Hannah’s ass swallows up the slave’s face while Mistress An Li tramples and stomps his mid section. They show no mercy and for the final 8 minutes merciless facesitting turns into brutal trampling! Both Mistresses begin stomping on the slave’s face and mid section. Mistress An Li plants both feet on the slave’s face and squats down low, centering all of her weight on the slave’s face! The slave’s whole body turns red and his head looks like its going to pop when both Mistress stand on his chest. The slave is barely conscious after half an hour of constant crushing and smothering, but these Mistresses are far from finished! Its going to be a very, very long day for this slave, but it will be the best booty day ever!

Mistress An Li, Mistress Hannah Hunt, Facesitting, Chest Sitting, Trampling, Squashing, Smothered, Plastic Wrap, Bound Slave



Keywords: queendom, mistress anli, mistress hannah hunt, full weight facesitting, leggings, femdom, female domination, ass fetish, big butt, bubble butt, ass squishing, trampled, foot domination, stomping

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Faceriding Delight – My Pony Is Ready! ( Black Panties, Chest Sitting, Stomach Sitting, Foot Play ). Starring Cheryl

Faceriding Delight – My Pony Is Ready! ( Black Panties, Chest Sitting, Stomach Sitting, Foot Play ). Starring Cheryl




Cheryl is back for this one, If you are new to the site, please know, she does not speak much in her videos. She does start off by saying ” My pony is ready!”, just to setup a playful clip, as she has her usual cute and pretty smile, along with her all natural goodness. We have a little unusual setting, to give the clip a new angle. Cheryl will make full use of it, as she’s sit reverse, front, side saddle ( looks hot ), on the chest…and she’ll even do a little foot play. She has a way to grow on you, her constant smile while she looks down on her pony. Eventually, she’ll reward her pony by removing her panties and riding it bare. Fans of Cheryl should really enjoy this one. Clip is 10:40 Long



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Mistress Lady Renee – Nailing cock hide

Mistress Lady Renee – Nailing cock hide




I’m going to get straight to the point: My slave is constantly playing with his little cock and I simply won’t have it! Time to make sure his cock becomes Mine with no options for him to play with it, no option to pull it and definitely no option to cum! I’m going to straddle his chest, making it difficult for him to breath while I go to work on his cock-hide. The skin will be painfully clamped and stretched, tied securely to My nailing board. This makes it very easy for Me to bash nail after nail through his sausage skin and I just love to feel him wriggle and squirm under My latex covered arse each time I drive a sharp nail through his flesh. Iv’e definitely nailed this one!

Category: CBT


Keywords: mistress lady renee, nailing, cock abuse, cock nailing, nailed, latex, cock torture

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – My American multi-tool

Mistress Ezada Sinn – My American multi-tool




This slave wrote Me several months ago, telling Me he saw My clips and My pictures and would love to serve Me. So he came all the way from the US to be used by Me. And I am going to use him as a carpet and an ashtray at the same time. He will have to support My weight on his chest, careful not to move too much, and be a good human ashtray at the same time, with his mouth open every time I need it, always ready to swallow My ash or My spit. It will be his pleasure to feel My ass and knees on his chest and belly, while his prick is so close to My feet that others can only dream of. That is his job: to put himself at the disposal of his Goddess, to be used as I want, and to be grateful he got this opportunity, no matter if it’s pleasant or painful for him. Can he support My full weight on his chest while I smoke My cigarette?



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Hard under My control

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Hard under My control




Butt-plugged, enveloped in black saran wrap and secured in the grip of several belts, My slave is totally under My control. He is absolutely helpless, but I can see he likes it this way, his hard cock is a proof he belongs under My control. I control his body, his mind, and his orgasms. From now on, he will only get any with a butt-plug in his ass, bigger and bigger every time, and they will all be ruined, a slave doesn’t deserve real orgasms. he is here for My pleasure, not for his. In the rest of the time he will be locked in chastity, I don’t want him touching himself. his cock and balls are My possession, and I prefer to keep it locked, away from his dirty hands and mind. I like to tease him, too see his cock hard, throbbing, to torture him with desire. The soft touch of My velvet pants on his face and the smell of My pussy so close to his nose make his cock really hard, but that’s is as close to My crotch as he will ever get. If his cock will feel the inside of anything, it will be of his chastity cage. He can feel My weight pressing on him, but it will be on his face or chest, taking control of his breath, he is a toy that I like to play with, as I want, not as he wants. I am in control.

Video quality: HD 1280*720.

Category: TEASE & DENIAL


Keywords: ezada

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Slave of My pantyhoses

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Slave of My pantyhoses




I know My slave loves to sniff My worn pantyhoses, to feel their softness on his skin. It’s not something that men normally get to feel. But this is not a man, it’s just My slave. Which I cover in layers of My worn pantyhoses, transforming him into a mummy. Arousing him a lot, I bet, but that’s good, because he is locked in chastity. This is the only way he can feel and smell My tights, but also My wight, as today I’m going to use his chest and belly as a cushion for My ass, while he is smelling My 3 days old pantyhoses. His cock locked, his body crushed, but he is covered in pantyhose from tip to toes, he can see, feel or smell nothing else but My pantyhoses. Yes, I can feed his fetish, but I will do it on My terms!

Video quality: HD 1280*720.



Keywords: ezada

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Club Stiletto FemDom – The Winner Gets My Ass. Starring Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – The Winner Gets My Ass. Starring Domina Ruby




We open with Domina Ruby sitting on the chest of her current number 1 slave with number two a few feet away. She keeps her slaves hopping though and there is always a third waiting in the wings, so none of them know their status from day to day. They could be teachers pet, or a struggling number 2, or just the third dummy locked away for hours and all but forgotten, from one day to the next. “Today we are going to find out which one of you gets demoted to slave number three”, she tells them both, before reaching over and flogging number two across the chest. Both slaves are blindfolded so they never know what is coming next. She then moves to sit between them and flogs them both on their nipples. The slaves are nervous. Then she plunks onto the chest of the other slave, bouncing and forcing the air from his lungs… and then her glorious ass is on his face. He mumbles something and she tells him to shut the fuck up, and then she is on his chest again. A reach across to flog the other one. She laughs as she keeps her needy bitches off guard. Then back onto the chest of number one and just as quickly onto his face where she grinds her ass into his face, a special reward for his current #1 status. “Do you like hearing what the number one slave gets?” she taunts the other. He mumbles a reply and she reaches over and gives him a few strokes of her crop once again. He is very jumpy now so she gives him a few more strokes, across the chest and again right on the nipple before moving back to him and dropping on his chest. He might be expecting more of her weight but she moves right back to number one. She then starts to move back and forth, sitting on each slave heavily and some great camera angles give you an amazing view of her big ass, above the slave and then crashing down onto his body. She then surprises number 1 by slamming onto his stomach and then moves up and breast smothers him. She sits up and pulls his nipple and then she is tossing herself onto the other slave. Through out she makes them thank her and asks them if they appreciate it. She starts doing some serious bouncing on number 2’s stomach and then as she moves to press her ass into number one she tells them to stroke their cocks, “The first one to get an erection is my current number one she says.” The two shell shocked slaves frantically start stroking their meat. Two terrified shriveled dicks. What will happen next?



Keywords: domina ruby, facesitting, chest sitting

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