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ClubDom – Beat the Sissy. Starrig Nadia White and Goddess Valora

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ClubDom – Beat the Sissy. Starrig Nadia White and Goddess Valora




Nadia White n Dommes Valora are going to teach their sissy how to be an obedient slut for them. They decide he must earn their cocks by taking a nice whipping n paddling. Nothing makes them smile more than seeing the red ass of a sissy slut parading around the house as the sissy cleans and does tasks. Valora whips Gapin Gabriella while Nadia watches on, grinning. Both the women switch off paddling that sissy’s pathetic ass.

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ClubDom – Jean’s Punished Sissy – Part 5. Starring Jean Bardot

ClubDom – Jean’s Punished Sissy – Part 5. Starring Jean Bardot




Jean Bardot continues to slut-train her sissy and today she is wearing the biggest cock of all of them. The slut BETTER take her cock! Jean makes the slut suck her cock and lube it up good with her spit. Then Jean bends the slut over but decides the slut needs a good paddling first. She gets out the paddle and gets to work scolding her sissy and paddling her slutty ass! Jean then fucks the brains out of her sissy good and hard like the sissy slut deserves.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’ll Do Everything Except The Spanking. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’ll Do Everything Except The Spanking. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine’s hubby slave kneels in front of her as she pulls on his nipples, which he apparently likes in spite of his whining,
because he’s rock hard. She tells you that she’s trained him to do all the domestic chores, but no matter what, there’s always a
slip-up or two. She tells hubby she has just found some crumbs on the floor in the kitchen. He says he’s sorry but she has even
worse news for him – there was fluff in the dryer! Does this slave have no shame? How can someone be in the presence of a
Goddess yet continue to make these sorts of mistakes?? She picks up her wooden spoon and spanks his man tits before telling him
to get over her knees. “This is how I keep a successful marriage” she says, as she spanks him with her bare hands.

She reminds him that she’s going to a party shortly and that when she returns, things had better be spotless. She gets his ass
glowing pink with repeated blows administered by both hands, and says his incompetence is a direct result of not being spanked
enough. She continues to spank him and reminds him of her pet peeves; things which must never be overlooked – sloppy things like
soap bubbles in the sink drain, and so on. “We’ve been married long enough for you to know what needs to be done” she says. She
tells him he must hand wash her sexy lingerie, the stuff she wears for other men, and do the cooking, before she picks up the
solid wooden brush to give his ass a few good smacks. The slave knows what’s coming and his sins will not go unpunished. Jasmine
knows she has to be brutal and show no concern for his pain or his screams if she’s to mold him into the perfect husband; one
she’s proud to show off to her friends. “You must try harder” she says, as she lets loose with repeated blows across his ass.
She reaches between his legs and squeezes his nuts between her hands. The beating intensifies until his ass is crimson; her
favorite color. She asks you if you could take the same kind of beating. Hubby cries out as his ass explodes with color, but
Jasmine doesn’t let up; he needs this and would be doing himself a disservice if she stopped. She tells him to crawl into the
kitchen, find the errant crumbs, and lick them up. As he crawls, she follows him into the kitchen and continues to wail on his
ass. “I put so much into our marriage… he doesn’t deserve me” she says with a smile.



Keywords: miss jasmine, spanking, otk, paddling

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ClubDom – Whip The Sissy. Starring Domina Valora and Miss Nadia White

ClubDom – Whip The Sissy. Starring Domina Valora and Miss Nadia White




Domina Valora and Miss Nadia White are going to turn this sissy inside-out with their big cocks. One thing the want to do first is
punish him with a nice whipping. The sissy must take what these verbally cruel women dish out or else! The women love whipping
him. They finish the job with a paddling, each girl swiftly and firmly slapping his ass as he groans. They love it!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sissy Training, ClubDom, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Paddling, Goddess Valora,
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Club Stiletto FemDom – Love Takes Time. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Love Takes Time. Starring Miss Jasmine




Usually Miss Jasmine has her husband alone working in the kitchen for her, preparing her gourmet meals, but today he’s the main
course. Jasmine plans to do some serious meat tenderizing on poor hubby, who lies helpless and bound on the kitchen island. She
squeezes his balls and delivers a few blows with her solid wooden paddle, while explaining to you how things are in their ideal
marriage. It doesn’t take long for hubby’s ass to turn red and Jasmine explains that the reason he’s in this position in the
first place is that he cooked her steak too long and it was overdone. How shameful is that?! No slave should be excused for such
sloppy behavior; every order must be completed exactly as specified. She grabs one of hubby’s ass cheeks, which provides him with
a bit of erotic pleasure, but he knows this is just a prelude to the harsh treatment that will surely follow. Jasmine has a
multitude of crops and canes at her disposal, but says that if she adds kitchen implements to the mix, they could be there for the
next 12 hours.

Poor pathetic hubby moans when he realizes his predicament but understands that his wife is in charge and always knows what’s
best. The intensity increases as Jasmine lands blow after blow after blow until her arm begins to tire. The slave’s ass starts
to blister and turn red and blue, and Jasmine stops to admire the juices that come to the surface. “This is what you want to see
before you start to add the salt and other spices and herbs” she says. She selects a different paddle and mentions that she likes
her steaks, which makes poor hubby gasp and moan, because he knows things are about to get even worse; there are no half measures
in this scene. Watch while Jasmine destroys her husband’s ass, stopping only to frighten him with her verbal suggestions and the
occasional squeeze of his balls. This is exactly how a modern couple keeps their marriage strong. The salt and hot sauce added
at the end is a delightful touch, just to ensure that if hubby hasn’t suffered enough for her already, he will certainly do so by
the time Jasmine is finished with him!

Category: FLOGGING

Related Categories: BONDAGE, PADDLING

Keywords: cropping, miss jasmine, bondage

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Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED TO HER WILL. Starring Goddess Kitsa Sakurai

Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED TO HER WILL. Starring Goddess Kitsa Sakurai




This hopeful young boy toy needs to know his place. It is imperative that a slave be broken to my whims and desires from the
onset, rather they fall into bad habits. Because if they do so, unfortunately for them, they will suffer severe reprisals for
their actions. So best I set them straight in their early slave development.

Before the end of the day, this one shall know full well that his place is below me, beneath my boot heels, subservient, working
and serving to please me and only me. A good sound beating with my rather intense thrasher whip should put those wheels into
motion nicely. He must learn what it feels like to be at my mercy, because he will be just that, from this day forward. He must
know what my delicious pain feels like, because he will be fed a steady diet of it. He must know how it feels to be helpless and
hopeless, begging for mercy and never receiving it.

And so, I strike him hard and fast. Relentlessly. Over and over again my whip crashes down on his slim, fragile body, shaking him
to the core. The look of fear, confusion and disbelief on his face are exhilarating, and only inspire me to take him further down
my dark path of slavery. Welcome to my world slave. This is only your first day. More to come…



Keywords: bdsm, flogging, domination, female superiority, fetish, femdom, whipping, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, goddess
kitsa sakurai, paddling, asian goddess, slave training

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DomNation – I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY! Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly

DomNation – I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY! Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly




Mistress Thorn Kelly has been working on a slave that has upset her.
She has left his man parts in tatters as she smiled and laughed at his horrendous agony! She has beaten him with a steel paddle
and hasn’t quite finished with him yet!

Thorns slave is dangling naked and vulnerable. He has already been tormented to the extreme. His penis and testicles still burn as
testament to her anger. But this mistress is going to make her point! Her riding crop is in hand and pummeling his flesh. Every
inch of him will be screaming for forgiveness by the time that Thorn has finished with him..

Category: BDSM


Keywords: mistress thorn kelly, beatings, spankings, cfnm, humiliation, verbal humiliation, beat downs, cropping, bdsm, female
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DomNation – CANE OF FURY. Starring Joclyn Stone

DomNation – CANE OF FURY. Starring Joclyn Stone




It appears that once again Joclyn’s slave has been acting up. So Joclyn sets out on a course of stern and painful corporal
punishment in an effort to set her disobedient slave straight.

Joclyn doesn’t give him the benefit of restraints, she wants him to stay still, like a good slave should for every act of
insubordination (IE movement) there will be a swift and painful response.

Joclyn Goes at her slave with ruthless brutality, her cane leaving welts on her slaves flesh as he struggles to stay still
(failing of course) her hard wooden paddle practically sends him off of the bench in recoil. But there is no excuse for his flight
so she finally rolls him over and canes the more delicate flesh of this losers front side!!!! He just doesn’t seem to learn. Ouch!



Keywords: joclyn stone, mistress, fetish, female domination, slave, femdom, verbal abuse, humiliation, extreme domination, beat
downs, corporal punishment, caning, ass beating, paddling, spanking
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Asian Cruelty – PURVEYOR OF PAIN. Starring Queen Darla

Asian Cruelty – PURVEYOR OF PAIN. Starring Queen Darla




Few Dominas can take their slaves to such excruciating heights of pain and torment like I can. I am, after all, a natural born
Sadist, and seeing my slaves suffer thrills me to no end. This particular slave will have to endure the agony of a brutal beating
with a severe wooden paddle.

Within seconds, my helpless slaves ass is chewed to bits. Blow after painful blow, I bruise and lacerate his exposed ass, until he
is ready to surrender himself to me mind, body and soul. It is only through this pain, that a slave can be forgiven for his past
life, and move forward to a life of never ending servitude.

Features: Extreme Domination, Paddling, Leather Corporal Punishment, FemDom, Asian, BDSM, Female Domination.



Keywords: bdsm, corsets, domination, ethnic, fetish, cuffs, smoking, kink, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, foot slave, feet
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Asian Cruelty – WIELDED BY THE WHIP. Starring Goddess Lana

Asian Cruelty – WIELDED BY THE WHIP. Starring Goddess Lana




You will learn – slave – to love my whip. As you succumb to the sting of its licks, you will learn to worship me, idolize me, obey
me, love me!, as your goddess. Without me you are nothing but a vessel of desire. By my whip hand and the discipline that it
wields, I give you purpose. I breathe into you my want, my will, and with every slash I lay upon your open back I make you mine. I
give you reason to serve. Surrender to me now slave!

Does that hurt? I never said it was going to be easy. The pain of my heavy leather whip, is good for you slave. Do you feel the
sting? It stimulates your memory. Your punishment makes you remember your want for me, your submission, and the understanding of
the wreck I can wield upon your body. Love me slave. Love my whip. Love your goddess.



Keywords: bdsm, whipping, domination, feale superiority, fetish, femdom, kink, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, goddess lana
violet, paddling, asian goddess
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